Registration and Competition Process

Secure your spot in the 2024 state competition by clicking here to submit your team’s application.

It’s important to note that School Teams must first participate at the State Level. The champions of the State CCDC competition will earn the opportunity to compete in the prestigious 2024 Erich J. Spengler Midwest Regional CCDC scheduled for March 15-16, 2024. The ultimate victor of the Midwest CCDC will then advance to the National CCDC, taking place from April 25-27, 2024.

Please ensure that only one application is submitted per team, and only one team represents each campus. Upon receiving your application, our Midwest State CCDC Director will reach out to your team for further details. It’s worth noting that prior competition experience is not required. To participate in the 2024 Midwest CCDC, teams are expected to cover a $500 entry fee, with travel expenses to the event being the responsibility of each participating team.”

Why Participate?

Participation in the Midwest CCDC offers a two-fold advantage: It enriches the students’ skill sets, enhancing their value to prospective employers upon entering the workforce, while also benefiting corporations by providing them with graduates who possess a wealth of practical experience. Furthermore, this competition serves as a valuable platform for educational institutions to receive direct feedback, enabling them to refine and strengthen their security and information technology curriculum.

To explore opportunities for attendance, participation, sponsorship, or volunteering at the Midwest CCDC, please reach out to David Durkee via email at or by phone at 440-488-0331.

Midwest Teams Prepare for Qualifying State CCDC

For the 2024 competition season, a record number of Midwest teams are anticipated. Over forty teams are expected to engage in a qualifying state CCDC event.

1/27/24 – IN/MN Qualifier

2/10/24 – IA/OH/KY/MI Qualifier 

2/17/24 – IL/WI/MO Qualifier

2/24/24 – Wildcard Qualifier

3/15-16/2024 – MWCCDC Regional

4/25-27/2024 – National CCDC

All second place teams in their respective state qualification CCDC will have opportunity to compete in the Wildcard CCDC. Top winners of each state CCDC and the Wildcard CCDC will be eligible to move on the the Erich J. Spengler Midwest Regional CCDC, March 15-16, 2024.