2022 Midwest CCDC (Virtual)

Two-year and four-year colleges and universities are putting together their top tech-savvy students to form teams to compete. These teams will build and defend their mock production business infrastructure from professional “hackers” who are given the challenge to take each team’s production systems offline and breach their security. While the teams work hard to fend off “hackers,” the competition judging staff will deploy network enhancement and upgrade challenges to teams, judging team’s performance, scoring and supporting the overall event.

Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Missouri and Wisconsin are buzzing with MWCCDC excitement as applications are rolling in.  These competitions are experiences your students can build from in their career development. No previous competition experience is needed.

See the registration page for more information and how to register.

There are many ways to get involved or support the CCDC efforts in your state or regionally. All Contacts that support the CCDC  welcome your communication and input to the process. They will also do their best to answer any questions you may have.

To learn more about the Midwest CCDC, contact Dr. David Durkee, Director of Competition Operations at ddurkee14@att.net or (440) 488-0331.

CSSIA assists students in preparing for these events by offering access to a remotely accessible stadia, powered by NETLAB+ VE, to practice in a competitive environment. Applicants are also offered opportunity to access Security + labs specifically designed to train students in skills required to successfully compete in the CCDC. The labs may be procured at www.cssia.org/cssia-resources.cfm

Just click on CompTIA Security+ Lab Set. A login is required which may be acquired at no cost.

Midwest Teams Prepare for Qualifying State CCDC

For the 2022 competition season, a record number of Midwest teams are anticipated. Over forty teams are expected to engage in a qualifying state CCDC event.

2/05/22 – IN/MN Qualifier

2/19/22 – IL/WI/MO Qualifier

2/26/22 – IA/OH/KY/MI Qualifier

2/26/22 – RMCCDC Qualifier 

3/05/22 – Wildcard Qualifier

3/18-19/2022 – MWCCDC Regional

3/25-26/2022 – RMCCDC Regional

4/21-23/2022 – National CCDC

All second place teams in their respective state qualification CCDC will have opportunity to compete in the Wildcard CCDC. Top winners of each state CCDC and the Wildcard CCDC will be eligible to move on the the Erich J. Spengler Midwest Regional CCDC, March 18-19, 2022.