CCDC Contacts

Midwest Regional CCDC Contacts

Dr. David Durkee
Regional Main Contact and Competition Industry Advisory Board (CIAB) Chair

Ginny Swyndroski
Business Office and Hospitality

Midwest State CCDC Contacts

Kevin Vaccaro
Illinois State Director 

Darryl Togashi
Indiana State Director

Dr. David Durkee
Iowa State Director

Yi Hu

Kentucky State Director

James Lewis
Michigan State Director

Janice Aanenson
Minnesota State Director

Vijay Anand
Missouri State Director

Doug Huber
Ohio State Director

Mike Masino
Wisconsin State Director

Midwest Teams Prepare for Qualifying State CCDC

For the 2021 competition season, a record number of Midwest teams are anticipated. Over forty teams are expected to engage in a qualifying state CCDC event.

11/07/20 – Invitational

11/21/20 – Invitational

1/30/21 – RMCCDC Qualifier

2/06/21 – Minnesota CCDC

2/13/21 – Illinois CCDC

2/20/21 – SECCDC Qualifier

2/27/21 – MACCDC Qualifier

3/06/21 – Wildcard CCDC

3/19-20/2021 – MWCCDC Regional

4/1-3/2021 – MACCDC Regional

4/23-25/2021 – National CCDC

All second place teams in their respective state qualification CCDC will have opportunity to compete in the Wildcard CCDC. Top winners of each state CCDC and the Wildcard CCDC will be eligible to move on the the Erich J. Spengler Midwest Regional CCDC, March 19-20, 2021 at Moraine Valley Community College.