MWCCDC Volunteers


CSSIA is in need of volunteers to act as “White Team” judges for this event. White team judges observe the competition, ensure team compliance with the rules, and handle simple tasks such as scoring scripted business events during the competition. This is an excellent opportunity to meet and help train our next generation of cyber defenders. Volunteers can serve for a single day, multiple days, or for the entire competition. To ease scheduling and the familiarization process we ask volunteers to cover a 3 hour block of time when possible.
If you would like to become a sponsor, volunteer, or if you would like more information, please contact David Durkee at or 440-488-0331 or contact Ginny Swyndroski at or 708-974-5725.


Midwest Regional CCDC Contacts

Dr. David Durkee
Regional Main Contact and Competition Industry Advisory Board (CIAB) Chair

Ginny Swyndroski
Business Office and Hospitality

Midwest State CCDC Contacts

Kevin Vaccaro
Illinois State Director 

Darryl Togashi
Indiana State Director

Dr. David Durkee
Iowa State Director

Yi Hu

Kentucky State Director

James Lewis
Michigan State Director

Janice Aanenson
Minnesota State Director

Vijay Anand
Missouri State Director

Doug Huber
Ohio State Director

Mike Masino
Wisconsin State Director