About the IoT Coordination Network

This project aims to establish a coordination network including representatives of industry, manufacturers, academia, and users of integrated smart devices. The “Internet of Things (IoT)” is the term used to describe the use and integration of smart devices capable of monitoring, controlling, collecting, sending, and receiving data to intelligent systems. The emergence of IoT will transform homes, institutions of education, manufacturing facilities, and other work places. As a new and rapidly emerging area of technology, IoT will generate a substantial need for technicians, technology integrators, and programmers. Community colleges across the nation are struggling with understanding and building programs to meet this future workforce need. As for other disruptive technologies, the emergence of IoT challenges educators to acquire the background knowledge needed to design high-quality IoT classes and programs. This collaboration network is designed to support the academic community at community colleges by studying the emergence of IoT technologies. The network plans to complete research projects on IoT products, technologies, standards, and applications. The results of these studies will help to inform decisions about how to optimally develop IoT programs at community colleges.

The IoT Coordination Network aspires to bring together the principals and organizations that are leading the emergence of this technology. Members of this network include companies that manufacture and integrate IoT devices, and organizations that establish standards that govern IoT technologies. The network also intends to include experts on protecting the users and environments that are projected to be affected by these IoT devices. The project intends to convene this network of experts quarterly to examine emerging technologies, explore new products and devices, and provide guidance to educators preparing the next generation of IoT technicians.

IoT Coordination Network
Leadership Team

Dr. John Sands, PI
Charles Bales, Co-PI

IoT Coordination Network News

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The 2019 IEEE Conference

August 12th, 2019|

The 2019 IEEE Conference on Standards for Communications and Networking (28-30 October 2019 // Granada, Spain) To learn more about this conference, visit: https://cscn2019.ieee-cscn.org/